About Prospace

11 years ago, Alain Picard had a vision to grow his new HVAC business to a 7 figure business. Combining his digital marketing expertise with his local business knowledge, within a few years, the goal was reached. A couple of years later, with the help of his wife and dedicated employees, the business flourished to multiple 7 figures, even getting the rights to take care of multiple local Home Depots as a Trane dealer.

As his next business venture, Alain turned his attention on how he could help other contractors achieve similar results by using the same system he used to turn his business into a multi-million dollar generating machine.

Over the years, the system was perfected and streamlined to be implemented in other similar businesses just like yours.

So if you'd like a massive shortcut to increase your revenue, we can help. Our amazing team is standing by, ready to help create a brand new website for you, increase your local rankings, increase your reviews and help you convert more prospects into paying customers.

Ready to get started? Get your new website by partnering with the digital marketing experts that know your industry!

Prospace Facts

Headquartered just south of Montreal, in Canada. Eh?

It is true what they say about Canadians, it's not just a myth, we really are great people to work with!

Our owner was a contractor for over 10 years.

Let's face it, experience matters. Why work with another company when our owner already walked a thousand miles in your shoes?

We only work with local service businesses.

Working only with local service businesses makes it easy for us to repeat scalable quality results for our customers.

We provide a no fluff website building approach.

Forget empty promises and a bunch of nonsense about ridiculous numbers. We'll tell you the truth and do the job right.


Our Core Values

We actually CARE

We are passionate about our customers. Indifference isn't part of our vocabulary.

We DRIVE performance

We seek out new ways to improve performance, satisfaction, and impact for our customers through every possible avenue.

We give it to you STRAIGHT

Tired of fairytale promises? We lead with professional candor in every situation with the numbers to back up what we want to implement for your business.

We WORK when nobody's watching

We find opportunities to support our clients beyond the day-to-day. Does getting leads in your inbox while you're fast asleep sound interesting? 🙂

We are serious about your YOUR BUSINESS

When your business thrives, so does ours. We love to see you, your company, our employees and our company all thrive together!

Our Mission

As an honest hard working family-owned company, we hold ouselves accountable to always delivering our best work, delivering results with transparency and no-hype.

Our mission is simple: we want to elevate the local service industry and help 1000 contractors double their leads and dominate their service area by 2025.

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