Landing Page UI Kit, Optimized for Maximum Conversion.

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Create effective landing pages easily and fast with this large, conversion-optimized UI Kit.

  • 154 Premade Landing Page Blocks
  • 63 Unique Page Components
  • 107 Elements like buttons, input fields, etc.
This page was completely made using LandingKit!

Created by Danny Postma, as seen on:

107 Page Elements, to create

appealing user interfaces quickly

Elements are symbols that consist of singular items on a page. Think of buttons, forms, icons, etc. With 107 elements included, I guarantee that we've got what you need for your page.

63 Components, to fully

customize your page

Components are premade symbols, containing multiple elements. Use these to give your page that little personal flair, and make it exactly how you like it.


154 Predesigned Blocks, to build beautiful and
effective landing pages fast.

Blocks are large, page-wide symbols consisting of many elements and components. Just put a
a couple of these together, and you've got a beautiful page in minutes!


Includes many handy features
to make your designing
even faster!


Easily find and select the exact symbols you're looking for


Easily set your favorite fonts across your whole page


Optimized for customization; Resize elements and create your own blocks

1. Choose your blocks

Choose one of our 154 predesigned blocks, handily divided in 13 categories.


2. Build your design

Copy the blocks and stack them, using the Bootstrap 4 grid you know and love.


3. Adjust your content

Easily adjust the images, fonts, text, and anything else you'd like to adjust. Voila, you're done!



Pay once,
enjoy forever

  • 154 Ready to use Blocks in 13 Categories

  • 63 Components and 107 Elements, to customize your page to the fullest

  • Unlimited updates

    We're constantly updating LandingKIT by adding new blocks and components.

  • Predesigned Examples Pages

  • Support me, Danny Postma, through the night. Because they are dark and full of terrors.


Hey there! I'm Danny Postma, a Marketing Developer from NL The Netherlands.

For six years now, I've been helping clients increase their conversion rates (and with success, if I do say so myself). Now, and I want to help people like you do exactly that. My products are built on years of testing, experimenting, and learning the best ways to maximally lift your conversion rate. Want to be the first to try my newest products? Just fill in your email and I'll keep you up-to-date!

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